Adrian (Personal Tracker)

Great Device ! Tracking is very accurate and love the feature where it sends you an sms when the battery is low.

Eben (Personal Tracker)

It works Awesome guys , very smart.

Tamryn (Cargo Tracker)

Wow - really cool and thanks for showing me the Geo Fencing - love it!!

Jonathan (Bike Tracker)

Thanks TrackMyRide , I am really impressed! My Bike is now safe

Greg (Bike Tracker)

Send me one for my mate as well. Very good features - I like!

Sarah (Personal Tracker)

Thanks, your tracker helped me find out what I needed to know

MOM (Anonymous) (Personal Tracker)

You have no idea how good it feels to know I can keep an eye on Haylee. She takes a lift club home from school, no worries , no stress anymore